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Utensil Drip Pad

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The last tool you'll need to keep your countertops clean

Vileep Utensil Drip Pad

Why Our Utensil Drip Pad?

✔️ High-quality plastic – Safe, odorless and durable

✔️ Heat resistant – Can withstand up to 460 °F/ 240 °C

✔️ 3 slots – One large and two small slots to ensure different utensils fit

✔️ Good grip – Stays in place and does not skid

✔️ Easy to clean – Just pop it in the dishwasher with the rest of your dishes

✔️ Compact – Portable and easy to store

3 white utensil drip pads on a table with utensils

The Utensil Drip Pad is a MUST have for every spatula owner.

Towels, plates, stove, and countertops are handy when it comes to laying down dirty utensils. But is it the right way?

Towels get soaked quickly and you need a ton of them. Stove and countertops get messy very quickly and need to be scraped and cleaned. And what about plates? Well, no savvy cooker wants to be seen using plates. These methods are inefficient, unprofessional, and even unhygienic. So what is the alternative?

To use a product made for this particular problem - a Utensil Drip Pad. Instead of just dumping your spatula anywhere - you'll have a proper place for it. And not only for a spatula, but for all of your essential utensils. It will always be within hands reach and keep your kitchen clean and professional.

Our Utensil Drip Pad comes with 3 slots and even a lid holder. And it is large enough to make sure utensils fit and do not overhang.

From now on, every time you cook, you know you're not making a mess that needs to be cleaned afterward.

A true "no brainer" for the savvy cook

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Size: 17.5 x 13 x 5 cm/ 6.9 x 5 x 2 "
Materials: Plastic

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